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    This tutorial is by Béa

    Thank you Béa, for allowing me to translate your tutorial 

    This tutorial is protected by copyright

    Le monde de Béa

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    Tutorial original: on here

    My version: Leny's tube, thank you!

    Plugins: AP Distort - AP Blur - AP Lines -

    Unlimited - Kiwi - Alien skien eye Candy 5 Impact - Penta.com


    Make a double clinic on the presets, installs automatically.

    Material : on here

    Original color palette supplied in the material


    My colors:


    Foreground: color 1

    Background: color 3


    Load Alpha_lily

    window duplicate

    Close the original

    Let's work on the copy


    Fill with color 1

    Layers, new raster layer

    Fill with color 3

    Layers, new mask layer, from image

     Narah mask 1522, invert mask data checked:

    Layers , Duplicate

    Merge group

    Effects, Edge effects, enhance more

    Adjust , sharpness, sharpen more


    Layers, merge all

    Effects , plugins: AP Blur , Blur Mirror:

    Edge effects , enhance

    Effects, Reflection effects, rotating Mirror:


    Apply plugin:  (Unlimited Filter if applicable) , Graphic Plus , Cross Shadow:

    Edit, repeat: Cross Shadow as previously


    Effects,  user defined filter, Emboss 3


    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel 

    Load sélection 1

    Promote selection to layer 

    Apply plugin: AP Distort , LineUp:

    Edit, repeat, AP, LineUp

    Apply plugin:  (Unlimited Filter  if applicable) Penta.com , Color dot :

    Select none

    Effects 3D drop shadow 0 / -5 / 75 / 25 Black


    Apply plugin:  Unlimited, Bkg Kaleidoscope,  Tiler

    Edit repeat,  Tiler ,with new data: 

    Objects , Align , Centered in Canvas

    Effects 3D,  drop shadow as previously


    New raster layer

    Selections, Load a selection from alpha channel

    Load sélection 2

    Fill with color 2

    Select none


    Layers, duplicate

    Image, Mirror horizontal

    Merge down 

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen more 

    Effects , distortion effects, wave:


    Apply plugin:  Unlimited , Bkg Designer sf10I,  Blur 'em, how to open

    Optional: enhance more, according to your colors


    About the  layer Merged

    Add a new raster layer

    Fill with color 1

    Layers ,  New mask layer from image :

    Narah Mask 1523,  Invert desmarcad0

     Sharpness, Sharpen more 

    Image, Mirror vertical

    Merge group


    Print of current layers:

    About the current layer, Groupe - raster 2 (second counting below)


    Load the decor_nmcriacoes_110


    About your work: paste as a new layer

    Activate the pick tool K , (K key to activate)

    Put Position: X 200, Y 0

    M key to deactivate the tool


    Layers, Duplicate

    Image, Mirror horizontal

    Merge down


    Layers, Duplicate

    Apply plugin: Simple , Diamonds

    Effects, Image effects, seamless tilling : settings Default

    Blend mode , soft light, opacity at 42


    Layers, Duplicate 

    Layers, Arrange, move down

    Effects, textures effects, Mosaic antique:

    Blend Mode: Overlay


    About the layer Merged

    Load a selection from alpha channel:  Load  sélection 3

    Promote selection to layer

    Apply plugin: Kiwi , Guck mal:

    Do not use the imported Kiwi filter in Unlimited, (the result will be different)

    Apply plugin:  Penta.com , Jeans :

    Effects 3D drop shadow 0 / 0 / 75 / 25 black

    Edit, repeat, drop shadow 

    Select none

    Apply plugin: Simple,  Diamonds

    Effects, Image effects , seamless tilling: with this data

    Selections, select all, float, defloat


    Layers, new raster layer

    Fill with color 1

    Selections, Modify, Contract at 10


    Select none

    Merge down


    on Layers top

    Load a selection from  alpha channel

    Load sélection 4

    Layers, new raster layer

    Fill with color 1

    Apply plugin:  Alien skin eye Candy 5 Impact,  Glass

    Seleccionar e aplicar o  preset_glass_lily,  color 1

    settings if necessary:


    Effects 3D, drop shadow 2 / 2 / 50 / 2 black

    Select none


    Load woman tube

    Edit/ Copy

    About your work:  paste as a new layer

    Resize once at  85% and, once at 95% (all layers unshecked)

    Put it to your liking

    Apply plugin:  Alien skin eye Candy 5 Impact , Perspective shadow

    Select and apply the preset_shadow_lily

    settings if necessary:


    Layers, new raster layer

    Load a selection from  alpha channel

    Load  sélection 5

    Fill with color 1

    Selections,Modify,  Contract at 3

    reencher com a cor 2

    Selections, Modify, Contract at 3

    Effects 3D , Inner bevel:

    Select none

    Effects 3D, drop shadow , shadow on new layer Checked

    Stay on a layer shadow

    Apply plugin:  AP Lines - Silverlining:

    Effects, Edge effects, enhance more


    About the layer above

    Merge down

    Resize a 85% all layers unshecked

    Place on top left: pick tool K

    Position: X 20, Y 38

    Effects 3D drop shadow 2 / 2 / 50 / 2 black  (shadow on new layer unshecked)

    Adjust , Sharpness, sharpen more 


    Image, Add borders ,  symmetric:

    2 px color 1

    5 px color 2

    2 px color 1

    1 px color 3

    10 px White

    1 px color 3

    25 px White

    1 px color 3

    35 px White

    Width the magic wand tool , select the 25 px border

    Effects ,  reflection effects, Kaleidoscope:

    Adjust, Blur,  gaussien, radius at  25

    Apply plugin: Graphic Plus, Cross Shadow as previously

    Apply plugin:  AP Lines , Silverlining as previously

    Effects,  Edge effects, Enhance more

    Selections,  Invert

    Effects 3D drop shadow 0 / 0 / 75 / 25 black

    Select none


    Sign and join the author's watermark

    Image, Add borders :  1 px  color 3

    Save as  jpeg


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