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    Brise d'été

    Summer breeze

      Lady (GB)

    This tutorial is by Béa

    Thank you Béa, for allowing me to translate your tutorial 

    This tutorial is protected by copyright

    Le monde de Béa

    The material provided is protected by the authors of the tubes

    It is prohibited to appropriate or modify the original and / or signatures.

    Any dissemination without written authorization is prohibited.


    My version: tube de Luz Cristina, merci !

    original Tutorial : On here

    Material: On Here

     Colors: original color palette provided in the material

    my colors:



    Carolaine and Sensibility 

    Alien skin eye Candy 5 Impact 

    Unlimited : Funhouse

    For animation:

    Animation shop

    Eye candy 4000


    Load the Alpha_BriseDEte

    window/duplicate,  close the original. Let's work on the copy


    Foreground color 1 or white

    Background color 2


    prepare a gradient: rectangular

    fill with the gradient


    Adjust, blur radial

    Edges effects, enhance more

    Adjust , sharpness, sharpen more


    Effects, plugins: Unlimited , Funhouse , Loom how to opening

    Edit, repeat, Unlimited (Funhouse Loom)

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen


    Layers, new raster layer

    fill with color 2

    Layers, New mask layer, from image

    Image, Resize at 85% all layers unshecked, 2 times  !!

    Edge effects, enhance more

    Layers, merge group


    Add a new raster layer

    Selections, Load a selection from alpha Channel

    load sélection 1

    fill with  color 1

    Layers, arrange, move down

    Selections, select none 


    On the layer above, layers, Merge down

    Effects , Image effects, seamless tilling:  

    Sharpness, sharpen more


    Selections, Load a selection from alpha Channel,
     sélection 2

    Add a new raster layer

    load the misted landscape , copy

    on your work, paste into selection

    Remove the selection (select none)


    On the layer below (mask)

    Selections, Load a selection from alpha Channel, sélection 3

    Selections, promote selection to layer

    Layers,  Arrange, move up

    plugins:  Carolaine and Sensibility , CS-LDots:

    Selections , Modify , Select the selection border:


    Add a new raster layer

    fill with color 2


    Selection tool"S", Custom selection

    the new selection cancels the previous one


    Add a new raster layer

    Selections, Modify, Select the selection borders:

    fill with  color 2

    Effects 3D drop shadow 2 / 2 / 50 / 2 black

    Remove the selection


    load the tube Deco

    Selection tool "S" (rectangulo) , Selecionar os 5 "diamonds"

    Colorize if necessary, copy

    On your work, paste as a new layer 

    Activate the pick tool  "K" , place it:

    Position X 16

    Position Y 15

     M Key to  remove the selection


    Plugins: Alien skin Eye Candy 5 Impact , Glass: Settings - Clear

    Effects 3D drop shadow 2 / 2 / 50 / 2 black

    Layers duplicate 

    Image , Mirror horizontal

    Image , Mirror vertical


    Load the tube  Deco_fleches, copy

    on your work, paste as a new layer

    pick tool "K" , place it

    Position X 33

    Position Y 532

    layers, Duplicate

    Image, Mirror horizontal

    Image, Mirror vertical


    Image, Add borders, symmetric

    1 px white or color 1

    3 px color 2

    10 px white or color 1

    3 px color 2

    25 px white or color 1

    3 px color 2

    Edit/  Copy

    Edit/ paste as a new image

    stay on this image 


    load the tube woman  or character

    Edit/ Copy/paste as a new layer

    Resize if necessary all layers unshecked

    place it where you want

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen

    Effects 3D drop shadow 0 / 0 / 75 / 25 black

    Layers, Merge all

    Resize a 25% all layers unshecked



    Go back to your initial work

    Image , Add borders , symmetric desmarcado :  white or color 1

    Edit, paste as a new layer, the memorized image

    Image , free rotate, right , 25 , other data cleared

    Object - Align - right

    Object - Align - bottom

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen more 

    Effects 3D drop shadow as before


    Again: Copy/paste as a new layer the tube  woman  or character

    Image, Mirror horizontal

    Resize if necessary

    Sharpness, sharpen


    load the title  "titre"

    Colorize with your colors , Copy

    On your work, paste as a new layer 

    Pick tool  "K" , place it:

    Position X 664

    Position Y 32


    Assinar e juntar o watermark da autora


    If you don't want to do the animation:

    Image, Add borders : 1 px  color 2

    Resize width ai  950 px all layers checked

    Save as jpeg


    for animation gif

    About your unfused work

    Activate the tube (woman  or character)

    with the freehand selection tool, select the part you chose (In my case and the author, the woman's skirt)

    Plugins:s: Eye Candy 4000 - Jiggle


    Remove the selection

    Effects 3D Ombre portée 0 / 0 / 50 / 20 black

    Image, Add borders, symmetric:  1 px  color 2

    Resize  width a 950 px all layers checked

    Edit/ Copy


    Open the Animation shop:

    If your Animation shop is in French, see the explanation on the author's website

    Edit/ paste as a new animation

    go back on psp

    do Undo 5 times , attention: the selection must remain active

    plugins: Eye Candy 4000 - Jiggle : 1 click on Random

    Remove the selection

    Effects 3D Ombre portée as before

    Image, Add borders symmetric : 1 px de color 2

    Resize width a 950 px all layers checked

    Edit/ Copy

    go back on animation shop

    Edit/ paste After Current Frame

    go back on psp

    repeat the same steps, as before

    In the animation shop we get 3 images

    Edit/Select all

    Animation, Image Propreties : 65

    save as  gif

    Brise d'été (pt)


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