• Cubes (GB)


    This tutorial is my own, any similarity to another tutorial is just pure coincidence.

    Forbidden to share without my permission.


    Tubes autorisations

    Material / credits


    Tube personnage de : Patries, Pensées et Merci!

    Déco 1 de Phanou

    déco cubes 2, du net

    Décos , WA: de Moi-Même

    autres à réaliser durant le tutoriel

     Unlimited, BKg Designer sf 10I

    Alien Skin Eye candy 5, Impact




    General preparation: Before starting one of my tutorials

    This tutorial was created with PSP 2020, can be done with previous versions,

    The alpha channel is compatible with pSP7

    If you can't open canal_alpha: Place the selections in your PSP selections folder

    Place the PSP scripts and gradients in the corresponding "regulated" folder.

    Most of my filters are in Unlimited, check the filter folder, some work outside of it.

    Open the mask on the PSP.

    Duplicate the material and work on the copies.

    Remove signatures from tubes before use

    Make a double click in presets  Valentina ,  they will be installed automatically 

    You can adapt the colors, the Blend mode of the layers, to your work 


    Initial dimension: 900x600 px




    Choose your colors in harmony with your tube:


    Foreground Color 1 #4a3c4e

    Background Color 2  #463234

    Color 3 #ede8ef

    Copy / paste the gradient cube 2 file, put it on your folder PSP gradients 

    To change colors:

    Click on color stop 1 and put your Foreground color, click on Util.

    proceed in the same way for color 2 and 3.

    Click Yes to validate the gradient file change.


    Open the Canal_alpha_cubes

    Fill with the radial gradient:

    Cubes (Cube 2)

    (another possibility:

    Fill the alpha with one of your colors,

    add a new layer, fill widh  gradient, Blend mode of your choice, merge down.)

     Effects, Geommetric effects: Skew 


    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel , sélection 1

    Selections, promote selections to layer 

    Remove selection (select none)

    Effects plugins:  Esthétiques, Extrusion :

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen

    Adjust, color, Red/green/Blue:


    (Adapt to your colors)

    Layers, propreties, blend mode, soft light


    Layers, Duplicate

    Image, Mirror, mirror horizontal

    Image, Mirror, mirror vertical

    Layers, merge down 

    Effects 3 D, drop shadow: 0/0/60/30, black

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen


    Activate the layer of the bottom of the layers 

    Layers, Duplicate

    Layers, propreties , Blend Mode , hard light

    (Adapt to your colors)

    Effects plugins: Esthétiques,  Extrusion : faces frontales opaques, checked



    Activate the bottom layer of the layers

    Effects, reflection effects, Rotating mirror :


    Print of current layers:


    Selections,load a selection from alpha channel, sélection 2

    promote selection to layer

    Remove selection

    Image, Resize a 60% , all layers desmarcado

    put on top right like this:

    Objects, align, top

    objects, align, right

    Layers, arrange , bring to top


    Layers, Duplicate

    Image, Resize a 60% , all layers unchecked

    Selections, select all , float

    Selections, modify, Contract at 4

    Effects plugins: Esthétiques,  Extrusion :

    Adjust, color : Red/green/Blue, in memory

    Effects plugins:

    Alien Skin Eye Candy 5, Impact, Extrude, Factory default

    put this data:

    Solid color / Color 3: #ede8ef :

    Effects plugins:

    Alien skin Eye Candy 5, Impact,  glass,  settings: clear

    Remove selection 

    effects 3 D drop shadow: 0/0/60/5 black

    Objects, align, right, to place on the right


    Enable the layer below

    On the materials palette, click on the arrow to invert the foreground and background colors:

    Cubes (pt)

    Foregroung color 2

    Background color 1

    Effects plugins:

    Unlimited, Bkg Designer sf10I,  4wayaverage

    Effects Textures, weave, color 3 and 2:


    Effects , borders effects, enhance

    Print of current layers:


    Selections, select all

    Image, add borders, symmetric checked

    2 px color 2

    5 px color 3

    2 px color 2

    Effects, 3D effects , drop shadow 0/0/60/30 black


    Select all

    Image, add borders

    30 px color 3

    Selection, invert

    Effects plugins:

    Bordermania,  frame #1,  how to opening (default)

    Remove selection


    Activate the  magic wand tool,  tolerance and Feather at 0

    Select the upper left corner, as indicated in the print below: 

    Promote selection to layer

    save selected

    Effects plugins:

    Alien Skin Eye Candy 5, Impact, Extrude as before

    Remove the selction 

    Effects, 3D effects drop shadow: 0/0/60/5 black


    Open the tube déco cubes 2,  Copy/paste as a new layer 

    (adapt to your colors as before)

    Activate the pick tool K (letra K ) :

    put on position:  X 22, Y 462

    (letter M to deselect pick tool K) 


    Copy / paste as a new layer the decoration tube, cubes center: 1a004f89.png 

    put as in my example


    Copy/paste as a new layer the character tube, put as in my example

    apply a drop shadow of your choice


    Copy/paste as a new layer the title: texte Cubes

    put as in my example 

    3D effects, drop shadow 0/0/60/5 black


    Sign your work

    Attach my signature (Resize, blend mode light soft)


    Image, add borders, 1 px color  2


    Image, Resize width a  950 px 

    Save as JPG/jepg


    Versão 2: Tube de OCB , Thank you !

    Cube 2

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