• Dans les ailes du temps... (GB)

    Dans les ailes du temps... je suis comme un papillon


    This tutorial is my creation

    Any resemblance to another tutorial is pure coincidence

    Broadcasting without my permission is prohibited


    Authorizations: On here


    Tubes, masks, fonds, tentos, WA:

    Tube from: cpf

    Decos, WA: by Moi-Même

    others to do during the tutorial



    Background Designers IV



    Filter Factory, Gallery A

    Flaming pear, flexify 2

    Mura’s Meister

    AP Lines silverlining



    Initial Dimension: 900x600 px



    1 / Foreground # cfae79

    2 / Background # 75a07f

    3 / 



    General preparation:

    Before starting one of my tutorials:

    Double click (left) on preset, he is  installed automatically

    Open mask on your PSP

    Remove watermark from tubes before use

    Duplicate material and work on copies 

    Choose your colors in harmony with the main tube.



    Open main tube, copy

    About your work: paste into selection

    Remove selection

    (keep it open on your psp for later)

    Adjust, Blur, Radial:


    Effects, plugins:

    Textures, vitrail:


    Effects, Image effects, seamless tilling: Side by side

    Effects, Edge effects, enhance

    Layers merge all


    Effects plugins:

    Filter Factory, Gallery A: Mirror, Mirror: How to open (default)


    3 /

    Attention: It is important to apply steps 3 and 4 as explained:

    Layers, duplicate

    Image, 90% resize all layers unchecked

    Effects, plugins:

    Flaming pear, flexify 2, click on the red arrow, preset: Flexify 2 settings1

    Example in print below:


    Or settings:

    (The tones of your layer may differ due to the difference in your tube, the effect does not change)

    4 /

    Image, resize 90% all layers unchecked

    Effects plugins: flexify 2, click on the red arrow, preset: Flexify 2 settings2

    Or settings:

    Objects, align, vertical, center


    (Important: If you do not have this option, use the K Tool: Position H 191 and V 136)

    5 /

    Effects plugins:

    Unlimited: Background Designers IV, sf10 Diamond Flip: default


    Effets 3 D ombre portable: 0/0/100/10 black

    5 /

    Selections, select all, float

    Effects, Image effects, Page curl: background color


    If you wish, you can do it at 4 angles.

    6 /

    Image resize at 50% 2x

    Effects, plugins: Mura’s Meister copies:


    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen

    3D effects, drop shadow in memory.

    7 /

    Enable Background Layer

    Adjust, Blur, Motion Blur:


    Effects, borders effects, ehnance

    Selections, select all, contract at 100

    Promote selection to layer

    Remove selection

    8 /

    Effects plugins:

    AP Lines silverlining, Dotty Grid:


     Adapt color: Red / Blue / Green to your work

    9 /

    Selections, modify, select borders of selection:


    Fills the selection with color 1

    Edge effects, enhance

    Remove selection

    Effects, Image effects, seamless tilling, settings: default

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen

    3D Effects, drop shadow, in memory.

     10 /

    Add a new layer

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, sélection 1

    fill selection with color 1 (dark)

    Layers propreties, Blend Mode, soft light

    Remove selection

    Image resize at 50% all layers unchecked

    Objects, align, top and align left

    (to put in the upper left corner)

     11 /

    Add a new layer

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, sélection 2

    Fill with color 1

    Layers propreties, blend mode, hard light

    Remove selection

     12 /

    Add a new layer

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, sélection 3

    Fill in white

    Remove selection

    Blend mode, overlay, Opacity at 60

    3D effects, drop shadow: 0/0/100/10 black

    Effects, plugins:

    Unlimited BKG Designers IV, sf10 Diamond Flip, in memory

    Objets, align, right

    Layers, arrange, move down

     13 /

    Copy / paste the tube character

    Put bottom left

    If you use the supplied tube:

    Activate the pick tool K

    put: position: X 0, Y 99

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Sélection 4


    Remove selection

    14 /

    Image add borders, symmetric marked:

    1 px color 3

    5 of color 2

    1 by 3

    10 by color 1

    1 by 3

    5 of color 2

    1 by 3

    40 in white

    15 /

    Enable magic wand, Tolerance et Feather at 0

    Select white board

    Effects, reflection effects, kaleidoscope:


    Effects plugins, Textures vitrail, as above

    Selections, invert

    Drop shadow: 0/0/100/30 / black

    Remove selection

    16 /

    Copy / paste as a new layer the tube Déco 1

    Adapt to your colors

    17 /

    Copy / paste as a new layer the tube Déco 2

    Or leave a solid color, select and make an effect to your liking

    (my  original tubes "Déco" are in the material)

    18 /

    Copy / paste WA / texte, put as in final example or adapt to your work

    19 /


    Add my signature (resize and blend mode soft light)

    20 /

    Merge all

    resize width 950 px

    Save to JPG / jepg

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