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    This tutorial is my creation

    Any resemblance to another tutorial is pure coincidence

    Broadcasting without my permission is prohibited


    Authorizations TubesOn here


    Tubes, masks, fonds, tentos, WA:

    Tube From: Lisa T, Merci!

    Misted, Wa, Deco: Moi-Même

    others to do during the tutorial


    Material : 



    Unlimited: Background  Designers IV,  Bkg designer sf10 IV and sf 10I

    Alien Skin Eye Candy 5, Impact


    Initial Dimension: 900x600 px



    1 / # cfae79

    2 / # 75a07f

    3 / White



    Before starting one of my tutorials:

    Double click (left) on preset, it automatically installs

    Open mask on your PSP

    Remove watermark from tubes before use

    Duplicate material and work on copies




    Open alpha_viking channel

    Selections, select all

    Open Named Image: fond

    Edit / Copy

    About your work: Edit / paste into selection

    Remove selection (selections, select none)


    (To change the color of the fond image:

    You can, among others, fill the alpha with one of your color,

    add a new layer, paste the background into the selection, adapt the layer's Blend mode, merge down.)


    Effects plugins: 

    Unlimited, Background Designers IV, sf10 slice N Dice

    Effects, edge effects, enhance

    Unlimited Backgroung Designers IV Lakeside reflection:

    3 /

    Add a new layer (new raster layer)

    Selections, select all

    Open 0 misted Bateau_MM, or the tube of your choice

    Edit / Copy

     Edit, Paste into selection

    Remove selection

    Image, Mirror, horizontal mirror

    Effects plugins:

    Alien Skin Eye Candy 5, Impact, prespective shadow:

    Apply Viking Preset

    Basic if required:

    4 / 

    Enable layer raster 1

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Sélection 1

    Promote selection to layer

    Layers, arrange, bring to top

    Remove selection

    Image, mirror, vertical mirror

    Effects, reflection effects, Feedback:

    Image, resize 101%, all layers unchecked

    Effects 3D effects, drop shadow: 3/3/40/10, black

    Effects, plugins:

    Unlimited, Bkg Designers IV, Night Shadow Pool:

    current layers:

    5 /

    Open tube deco 3, Copy

    Edit, paste as a new layer

    Place it on left

    (Objects, align, left.)


    6 /

    Put color white in foreground

    Enable flood fill tool, opacity at 70

    Add a new layer

    Fill in white

    Reset flood fill opacity to 100.

    Layers, new mask layer, from image:

    Merge group

    Layers, properties, Blend Mode, Overlay

    7 /

    Open le pspimage éclairMM, copy to raster 1

    About your work: paste as a new layer

    Activate the pick tool K (K key):

    Viking (GB)

    Place it: Position: X -16, Y -58 

    Viking (GB)

    8 /

    Open the tube déco_tutoV

    Edit, copy / paste as a new layer

    Pick tool (K Key):

    Position: X 0, Y 225

    M key to deselect pick tool

    9 /

    Image add borders, symmetric marked

    2 px color 1

    1 px color 2

    Select all

    Add borders, 30 px blanc

     3D Effects drop shadow: 0/0/80/40 black

    Remove selection

    10 /

    Image, add borders, symmetric marked:

    1 px color 1

    1 px color 2

    5px white

    Enable Magic wand, tolerance and feather at 0

    Viking (GB)

    Select 5 pixel border

    Effects, plugins:

    BKg designer sf 10I cruncher at 20/20

    Edge effects, enhance

    Selection, promote to layer

    Blend Mode, multiply

    merge down

    remove selection

    11 /

    Copy / paste the tube character

    Image resize at 80%, fit your tube

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen

    place: Objects, align, right

     3D Effects drop shadow: 0/0/80/10, black

    12 /

    Open / Copy / Paste as a new layer, the tube deco cadre viking.

    13 /

    Open WA Viking

    Copy / paste as a new layer

    put how about the final example suit your work

    Blend mode, Overlay.

    14 /


    Add my signature (resize / blend mode soft light)

    15 /

    layers merge all

    Image resize width at 950 px

    Adjust, sharpness, Unsharp mask: 2/15/4 (luminance only Marked)

    16 /

    Save to JPG / jepg


    Hope this translation had help you

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