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    This tutorial is my own, any resemblance to another tutorial is just pure coincidence.

    Forbidden to share without my permission.


    Tubes autorisations

    Material / credits

    plugins Used: 

    On here
    Thank you


    Tube character  : @nn, not provided

     flowers : Nena Silva

    Obrigado !!

    Décos , WA:  Moi-Même

    Others to do during the tutorial

    Unlimited : 

    Bkg Kaléidoscope

    VM Toolbox 

    VM extravaganza

    VM Distorsion


    Mehdi,  wavy lab 1.1

    Alien skin Eye Candy 5 Impact 

    Nik software, color efex pro 3.0 complete


    General preparation: Before starting one of my tutorials

    This tutorial was created with PSP 2020, can be done with previous versions,

    The alpha channel is compatible with pSP7

    If you can't open canal_alpha: Place the selections in your PSP selections folder

    Place the PSP scripts and gradients in the corresponding "regulated" folder.

    Most of my filters are in Unlimited, check the filter folder, some work outside of it.

    Open the mask on the PSP.

    Duplicate the material and work on the copies.


    Remove signatures from tubes before use


    Double click on the  presets Valentina ,  they will be installed automatically 

    You can adapt the colors, the Blend mode of the layers, to your work 



    You need a character tube (for example woman)

      Intial dimension: 900x600 px

    Colors :



    Foreground: cor 1 #f99a25

    Background: cor 2, #5b2c18

    3: #963211

    4: #000000


    Open the alpha_etnica channel

    Effects, plugins: Mehdi, wavy lab 1.1:

    put colors 3 and 4 in the last boxes

    Adjust , Blur,  radial blur:


    Layers, New raster layer

    Selections, select all

    Open image: pngtree-ethnic

    Edit / copy

    About your work, edit / paste into selection

    remove selection

    Layers, propreties, Blend mode, hard light

    Effects plugins:

    Unlimited, Bkg Kaleidoscope, 4 QFlip UpperR:

    Layers, merge visibles


    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Selection 1

    Promote selection to layer

    Remove selection


    Layers, Duplicate, Twice

    Effects plugins :

    Unlimited, Bkg Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope 8 


    Effects, Image effects, Seamless tillins,  settings: Default

    Effects, 3D effects, drop shadow : 15/5/80/1 black


    Activate the background layer (background)

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Selection 1

    Selections, Invert

    Effets plugins :

    Unlimited, VM extravaganza, James bondage:

    VM Distortion, Circulator II, all data at 255

    Remove the selection


    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Selection 2

    Effects, plugin:

     Unlimited, VM Distortion, Circulator II , como precedentemente

    select none


    Activate the layer from below

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Selection 1

    Selection, modify, select selection borders :

    fill with color 4 (the darkest color)

     3 D Effects, Inner Bevel :

    3D effects, drop shadow : 0/0/80/50 Black

    select, none



    Activate the background layer (Merged)

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Selection 3

    Effects, Reflection effects, rotating mirror :

    Remove the selection 


    Activate the top layer of the layers

    Layers, new raster layer

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Selection 4

    Fill the selection with color 1

    Selections, modify, Contract de 40

    Fill with color 2

    Contract at 5

    Fill with color 4

    Contract at 5

    Fill with color 3

    Contract at 5

    Fill with color 4

    Contract at 5



    Enable magic wand, tolerance et feather a 0

    Select 40 px border

     Reflection effects, kaleidoscope :

    Remove the selection

    3D effects drop shadow, in memory

    Activating the pick tool K: Insert

    Position : X 128/ Y 82


    Duplicate this layer

    Image, free rotate, at 90 ° right, other data cleared

    Objects, align, right

    Objects, align, top

    (if you don't have this function: put it on the top right)


    With the Magic wand tool, select the interior of the frame

    Add a new layer

    Open tube landscape, copy / paste into selection

    Layers, arrange, move down


    Activate the layer above

    Merge down


    Open the deco: nena-floral-5023

    Image, resize to 70% all layers unchecked

    Drop shadow: 0/0/50/5 black

    Pick tool K: Insert

    Position : X 78/ Y 160

    (adapte ao seu tube)

    Effects, plugins :

    Alien skin Eye Candy 5 Impact, Perspective shadow:

    Apply the Etnica preset

    Basic here, if you need:


    Open your character tube

    copy / paste as a new layer

    place (see example)

    Apply a drop shadow to your liking 


    Copy/paste as a new layer, the tube ETNICA-WA

    Pick tool K : Insert

    Position :X 676/ Y 387

    (or Adapt to your work)

    Layers, arrange, move down


    Activate the background layer 

    Effects, plugins:

    Nik software, color effex pro 3.0 complete:

    Bi-colors filters, (choose the color set according to your colors)


    Image, add borders, symmetric checked :

    5 px color 3

    5 px color 4

    5 px color 1

    5 px color 4


    Selections, select all

    Add borders, symmetric checked,  de 30 px, cor 2

    Selections, Invert

    Effects, plugins :

    Unlimited, VM toolbox, Instant tile

    Remove the selection


    Activate the magic wand tool

    Select color 2

    Repeat the plugin effect: VM toolbox, instant tile

    Remove selection


    Sign your work

    Add my signature (resize / blend mode soft light)


    Open the fin_etnica déco

    Edit / copy / paste as a new layer

    23 /

    Merge all

    Save to JPG / jepg

      version 2, Tube by Karine Dreams, Thanks!


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