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    Lady winter

     Lady (GB)

    This tutorial is by Béa

    Thank you Béa, for allowing me to translate your tutorial 

    This tutorial is protected by copyright

    Le monde de Béa

    The material provided is protected by the authors of the tubes

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    Original tutorial:On Here

    My version: tube de Luz cristina, misted de Kahlan, thank you!

    My translations are protected by: 



    MaterialON HERE


    Load the  Alpha_LadyWinter

    Window, Duplicate

    Close the original and work on the copy


    Colors: original color palette provided in the material

    Foreground:  white

    Background, Color 2

    My colors:

    1/ #ffffff

    2/ #514c3a


    Fill the transparent layer with white color

    Selections , select all

    Load the tube:  woman (half body)


    On your work: paste into selection

    Selection, select none 


    Effects, Image effects , seamless tilling, setting: default

    Adjust, blur, radial blur :

    Effects, edge effects, enhance more


    Layers, duplicate 

    Image,Mirror, vertical

    Image, Mirror, horizontal

    Layers, propreties, Opacity at 50

    Layers,  Merge down

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen more 


    Layers, new raster layer

    Fill in white 

    Load the mask : mRZ-cWv96_EcxLI1Up2Sb5Px9X4

    Layers, new masque layer from image:

    Edge effects, enhance more

    Layers, Merge group 

    Resize a 50% all layers unshecked

    Image, free rotate,  right,  at 90°:

    Effects, Image effects , offset:


    Activate the selection tool (S) , select layer opaque :

    Selections, Modify, Select  selection borders:


    Fill in white

    Select none


    Copy the woman tube again

    On your work: Selections, load a selection from  alpha, load seleção 1

    Edit/paste as a  new layer

    Resize at  50%  and at 90% , (or according to your tube) all layers unschecked

    Colocar com a ferramenta : Move tool (M)  

    Selections, Invert


    Select none

    Layers, arrange, move down


    On the layer above (frame)

    Layers, duplicate

    Resize a 75% all layers unschecked

    Image , free rotate : right, 25, other data unchecked:


    Effects, Image effects, offset :



    Load the  landscape

    Resize at  50% all layers unshecked

    Image, free rotate , as before


    On your work: Load a selectrion from alpha channel, sélection 2 

    Edit/past as a new layer 

     with  the Move tool (M), place it into the selection

    Selections, Invert


    Select none

    Move down


    On the layer above

    Merge down

    Effects 3D , drop shadow:  2 / 2 / 50 / 2 black


    About the layer below (frame)

    Merge down (merged with the woman layer)

    Effects 3D , drop shadow: as before


     current layers :


    About the bottom layer of the layers

    Add a new raster layer

    Fill in white

    Layers, new mask layer, from image :

    Edge effects , enhance more

    Merge group


    On the bottom layer of the layers

    Effects, plugins: Unlimited , Vm Natural, Splash

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen more 


    On the top of  layers 

    Add a new raster layer

    Activate the  selection tool (S) , custom selection: 

    Fill with color 2 

    Select none

    Edge effects, enhance more


    Layers, duplicate

    Image, free rotate, right, 90° , other data cleared

    Activate the pick tool K (  K key), place it.

    position: X 836, Y 230

    (M key to deselect the pick tool))


    Load the tube "flocons"


    paste as a new layer

    Activate the pick tool K ,place it

    Position: X 590 , Y 46


    Image, negative image

    Effects 3D: drop shadow 2 / 2 / 50 / 2 color 2

    drop shadow (in negative) -2 / -2 / 50 / 2 color 2

    Layers, Duplicate

    Image , Free rotate, right , 90°, other data cleared

    Pick tool K , place it:

    Position X 813, Y 268

     (M key to deselect the pick tool K)


    Layers,  Merge down , 3 times

    Effects 3D drop shadow 0 / 0 / 75 / 50 black


    Image , Mirror, Mirror horizontal

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, sélection 3


    select none

    Image, Mirror, Mirror vertical


    Apply the same drop shadow as on the two frames

    (2 / 2 / 50 / 2 black)


    On the bottom layer

    Load the tube " Deco"


    On your work: paste as a new layer 

    Layers, propreties, Blend Mode , screen 


    Sobre a layer merged (de novo) 

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, sélection 4

    Effects, plugins: Carolaine and Sensibility , Cs-texture how to opening

    Effects 3D drop shadow, as before

    Select none

    Effects, plugins:  Unlimited - &<Bkg Designer sf10 I,  Cruncher, how to opening


    Image, Add borders symmetric:

    1 px black

    10 px white

    1 px black

    5 px color 2

    1 px black

    Selections, Select all

    Add borders,  symmetric:

    25 px white

    Effets 3D drop shadow, as before

    Selections, Invert

    Effects plugins: Unlimited , Bkg Designer sf10 I, Cruncher as before

    Select none

    Image, Add borders, symmetric:

    1 px black

    5 px color 2

    1 px black

    30 px white

    Sign and join the author's watermark

    Add borders de 1 px black

    Resize  width a 950 px all layers checked

    Adjust, sharpness, unsharp mask , setting: soft

    Save as  jpeg



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