• Abstract (GB)


    This tutorial is my creation

    Any resemblance to another tutorial is pure coincidence

    Broadcasting without my permission is prohibited


    Authorizations: On here


    Tubes, masks, fonds, tentos, WA:       

    Tube femme by: Kahlan, Merci!

    Misted and WA: by Moi-Même

    others to perform during the tutorial



    Unlimited: Bkg Designer sf10I


    Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 -Textures et Impact




    Before starting one of my tutorials:

    Double click (left) on preset, it automatically installs

    Open mask on your PSP (if there is one)

    Remove watermark from tubes before use

    Duplicate material and work on copies




    Color 1 # febb7f

    Color 2 #ffffff

    Color 3 # 4b362b



    Open alpha abstract channel

    Selections, select all


    Open Image peinture abstrait, copy

    (leave it open on your PSP for later)

    About your work paste into selection

    Remove the selection.

    3 /

    Adjust, Blur, Radial, Twirl:


    Effects, plugins:

    Unlimited, bkg designer sf10I, Corner Half Wrap

    4 /

    Layers, duplicate

    Effects, edge effects, enhance more

     Geommetric effects, Skew:


    Effects 3 D effects, drop shadow: 0/0/80/80 black

    5 /

    Add a new layer

    Alien Skin Eye Candy 5, textures, texture noise: Crystals, user settings, apply abstract preset

    basic data if required:

    Layers propreties, blend mode, Overlay

    (Adapt to your work)

    Layers, arrange, move down

    6 /

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Sélection 1

    promote selection to layer

    Remove selection

    7 /

    Layers, duplicate

    Image mirror, vertical mirror, followed by horizontal mirror

    Merge down

    Blend mode, Overlay

    Effects, distortion effects, polar coordinates:


    Drop shadow as before (in memory)

    Layers, arrange, move up.

    8 /

    Enable layer raster 1 (background)

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Sélection 2

    Arrange, Blur, Gaussien, Radius at 10

    Effects, Art media effects, Brush strokes:


    (Depending on your color, repeat brush strokes)

    Keep selection

    Enable layer below


    Remove the selection.

    9 /

    Enable the top layer of layers

    Open the misted landscape

    Edit / Copy / Paste as a new layer

    Image, 55% Resize all layers décoché

    10 /

    Add a new layer

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Sélection 3

    Selections, modify, Select selection borders:


    Enable image you left aside (peinture abstrait)

    Edit / copy / paste into selection

    Effects, plugins:

    Alien skin Eye Candy 5 Impact, Glass, settings: clear

     3D Effects drop shadow, memory data, white

    Remove selection

    11 /

    Add a new layer

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Sélection 4

    Effects, plugins:

    Alien Skin Eye Candy 5, Textures, Texture Noise, In Memory (last used)

    Blend mode, Overlay.

    Remove selection

    12 /

    Open the tube woman / or character

    Edit / copy / paste as a new layer

    Resize at 75% all layers cleared

    Objects, align, left

    Objects, align, bottom

    Drop shadow: 0/0/80/80 black

    13 /

    Image add borders, symmetric Marked

    2 px color 1

    1 px color 3

    10px color 2

    1px couleur 2

    2 px color 1

    1 px color 3

    40px couleur 2

    14 /

    Enable magic wand and select 40 px border ( color  white)

    Enable image peinture_ abstrait

    Image, mirror, horizontal

    Copy / Paste into selection

    Edge effects, Erode

    Effects Art media, Brush strokes as above

    Selections, invert

    Drop shadow, in memory

    remove selection

    15 /

    Enable magic wand

    Select 10px border (white)

    Effects, plugins:

    Alien skin eye Candy 5, Textures, texture noise in memory (last used)

    Edge effects, enhance

    16 /

    Open WA titre / Copy / Paste as a new layer

    activate the Pick tool K, put:

    Position: X 543, Y 319

    17 /

    Subscribe to your work

    Add my signature (resize and blend mode soft light)


    18 /

    Layers, Merge all

    Image, Resize width at 950 px

    save in jpg / jepg


    Hope this translation had help you

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