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    This tutorial is my own, any resemblance to another tutorial is just pure coincidence.

     Forbidden to share without my permission.



    Tubes, masks, backgrounds, decorations ,WA


    On Here
    the credits of the images used, 
    belong to the appropriate authors
    My tutorials are protected:
    Thank you tubers 
    Tube  : Alenza
    Landscape: Nikita

    Déco 2 pixabay

    Mask : casiop

    Decorations , WA: from me 

     others to be done during the tutorial

    Unlimited : 

    Bkg designer sf10I


    AAA Filters


    Alien Skin Eye candy 5 Nature


    General preparation: Before starting one of my tutorials

    This tutorial was created with PSP 2020, can be done with previous versions,

    The alpha channel is compatible with pSP7

    If you can't open alpha channel: Place the selections in your PSP selections folder 

    Place the PSP scripts and gradients in the corresponding "regulated" folder.

    Most of my filters are in Unlimited, check the filter folder, some work outside of it. 

    Open the mask on the PSP.

    Duplicate the material and work on the copies.

    Remove signatures from tubes before use

    Double click on presets  Valentina , they will be installed automatically 

    You can adapt the colors, the Blend mode of the layers, to your work




    Initial dimensions: 900x600 px


    Colors :


    Foreground: 1/ #332a19

    Background: 2/ #331407

    color 3/ #eaebda


    Load the alpha_ gear channel

    Selections, select all

    Load image "pour fond", copy

    about your work: paste into  selection

    Remove the selection

    (if you want to change the colors: fill the alpha with one of your colors,

    new layer, paste the background image in the selection,

    Blend mode luminance or your choice)

    Effects, Image effects, seamless tilling: settings  default


    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, sélection  1

    Promote selection to layer

    Effects 3 D,  Inner Bevel :

    Keep selected


    Add a new layer

    Fill with color 3

    Remove the selection

    Adjust, Blur, motion blur:


    Layers, arrange, move down 


    activar a layer raster 1

    Adjust, blur,  gaussien, radius a 20

    Preview the layers:

    result display:


    Add a new layer

    Fill with color  2

    Layers, New mask layer, from image :


    Merge groupe

    Adjust, Sharpness, sharpen,

    Layers, duplicate

    Merge down

    Effects, plugins :

    Alien skin Eye Candy 5 Nature, Rust : settings : Large, Dark Brown Specks


    In the basic tab, put color 2



    Activate the top layer

    load the character tube

    Image, Resize a 80% all layers Unshecked

    Objects, align, left  (to put on the left)

    Effects 3D , drop shadow : 30/3/60/15, Black, shadow on new layer checked.


    Stay in the layer (shadow)


    Gear wheels

    Image effects, seamless tilling, settings : side by side


    Enable the layer below

    Load,  Copy/paste as a new layer ,the landscape tube

    Objects, align, horizontal center

    Objects, align, top

    Layers, arrange, Move down,  2 x


    At the top of the layers stack

    Load, copy and paste as a new layer, the decoration " gear MM"

    Image, resize a 90%, all layers unshecked

    Pick tool  K (Key K to activate it)

    put, Position : X  419, Y 199

    (Key M to disable it)

    Effects 3D, drop shadow: 5/3/60/5 , Black, shadow on new layer unshecked

    Image, resize again at 90% , all layers unshecked

    Don't move, the decor is in place.

    Layers, arrange, Move down


    Load the gear_2 decoration, copy and paste as a new layer

    Place as in the example

    (pick tool k,  position: H 600, V 307)


    Activate the landscape layer (third from below)

    Open, copy and paste as a new layer, deco 3

    Layers, propreties, Blend mode, Overlay

    (depending on your work, adapt the blend mode of the layer)


    Activate the second layer from the bottom (mask)

    Add a new layer

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel , sélection 2

    Fill with color 3

    remove the selection

    Effects, distotion effects, wave :

    Duplicate this layer

    Image, mirror, horizontal

    Merge down

    Effects, plugins :

    AAA Filters, transparent vignette :


    Edit, repeat transparent vignette

    Arrange, move down

    Blend mode, hard light


    At the top of the layers stack

    Selections, Select all

    Add a new layer

    Effects 3D, cutout: 

    Remove the selection


    Image, add borders, symmetrics:

    2 px color 2

    40 px color 3

    2 px color 2

    20 px color 1

    2 px color 2


    Activate the magic wand tool, mode replace, tolerance & feather at  0

    select the frame at 20 px

    Effects,  reflection effects, Rotating Mirror  :


    Adjust, Blur,  gaussien , radius at  20

    Effects 3D, inner bevel : as previously


    select the frame at 40 px

    aplicar o plugin: Unlimited, Bkg designer sf10I, Blur’em !...


    Alien skin Eye Candy 5 Nature, Rust :  Large, Dark Brown Specks, as previously

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen

    remove the selection


    sign your work

    Attach my signature  (resize and blend mode soft light)


    Copy-paste , o WA, place as in the final example

    (In my version 2 , I did: image negatif)


    Image add borders, 1 px color 2

    Resize width at  950 px 

    save as JPG/ jepg




    My version 2: Tube from Moi-Même

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