• L'Or (GB)


    L'Or (GB)

    This tutorial is by Béa

    Thanks Béa, for allowing me to translate your tutorial into English

    This tutorial is protected by copyright

    Le monde de Béa

    The material provided is protected by the authors of the tubes

    It is prohibited to appropriate or modify the original and / or signatures.

    Any dissemination without written authorization is prohibited.

      Original tutorial, HERE

    My version: Animabelle tube



     Authorizations Crédits Material  Plugins

    My authorizations for the use of tubes

    on HERE


    on HERE

    Credits: mentioned in the original version


    Alien skin eye Candy 5 Impact 

    AAA Frames 

    Carolaine and Sensibility 






    Preparation: put the texture / pattern in the corresponding psp file


    Original color palette supplied in the material


    my colors:

    1 #d7c9ba

    2 #0a0c0d

    I adapted the gold texture to my color


    Foreground/ cor 1

    Background/cor 2


    Open the Alpha_L_or

    window duplicate, close the original and work on the copy



    Effects, plugins:

    Mehdi - Wavy lab 1.1

    Mode Normal, Put white in position 3 and color 1 in position 4:

    Adjust, Blur, Gaussien blur, Radius a 35

    Edit, Repeat , Gaussien blur


    Effects, Mehdi, Fur 2 , click once on random:



    Layers , Duplicate

    Effects plugins,  Unlimited , Bkg Designers sf10 IV,  @BlueBerry Pie:


    Unlimited, Bkg Kaleidoscope, Kaléidoscope Butterfly:  rotation 125/ zoom 215

    Blend Mode, hard light

    Adjust, sharpeness, sharpen more 

    Activate the layer raster 1

    Selections , Load a selection fropm alpha channel, load Sélection 1

    promote selection to layer

    Effects plugins: Carolaine and Sensibility - Cs_Halloween2:


     3D Effects, drop shadow 0 / 0 / 75 / 25 Black

    Remove the selection

    Adjust, sharpness sharpen more

    Blend mode , Hard light, opacity a 50



    Activate the layer raster 1

    Selections , Load a selection fropm alpha channel, carregar a Sélection 2

    Promote selection to layer

    Layers, Arrange, bring to top

    Effects , plugins: Carolaine and Sensibility - Cs-texture:


     3D Effects, drop shadow,  como em memoria 

    Remove the selection


    Resize a 75% all layers unchecked

    Objects, Align, left

    Layers, Duplicate

    Image, Mirror, horizontal

    Layers, merge down 

    Layers propreties, Blend Mode Multiply

    Adjust, sherpness, sharpen more


    New raster layer

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, sélection 3

    put the pattern "  or  " in the Materials palette

    L'Or (GB)

    fill with the  pattern "or" , (I adapted it to my color, please, take into account the original)

    Selections, Modify, Contract de 10

    fill with the color white 

    Contract of 2 px

    fill with the pattern " or "

     Contract of  2 px


    Selections, Invert

    3D effects, drop shadow, as memorized

    selections, select none

    Repeat the drop shadow as memorized


    Open the tube character

    Remove the signature


    About your work: Edit paste as a new layer 

    Resize a  40% all layers unchecked

    Place inside the frame

    Adjust,  Move down


    Activate the layer above

    Merge down

    Pick tool K activated (Key K), put on

    Position:  X 190, Y 130

    (M key to deselect K)


    Activate the layer above

    New raster layer

    Selections, Load a selection from alpha Channel, sélection 4

    Fill with pattern "or"

    Selections, Modify, Select selection borders: 

    L'Or (GB)

    Fill in white (zoom if necessary)

    Remove the selection

    3D drop shadow , as memorized


    Activate the top layer of the layers

    Layers, duplicate

    Resize a 50% all layers unchecked

    Image,  Mirror, horizontal

    Pick tool K activated, put on:

    Position: X 685, Y 50

    Layers, duplicate

    Pick tool K activated, put on:

    Position: X 685, Y 370

    Layers, merge down

    3D drop shadow 5 / 5 / 50 / 10 Black


    Open the  wordart

    Remove the signature

    Edit/ Copy

    About your work, Paste as a new layer

    Resize a 65% all layers unchecked

    Pick tool K activated, put on:

    position: X 50, Y 460

    Blend Mode, Hard light


    Add a new layer

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, Sélection 5

    fill with pattern

    Effects plugins:

    Alien skin eye Candy 5, Impact, Glass, Settings: Clear no drop shadow

    Remove the selection

    3D effects  drop shadow 0 / 0 / 75 / 25 black

    Blend mode, soft light

    Layers arrange, move down 4 times


    Layers, duplicate

    Image, Mirror, Mirror horizontal

    Image, Mirror, Mirror vertical

    Layers, merge all


    Effects plugins:

    AAA Frames,  Foto Frame


    Add a new layer

    Selections, Load a selection from alpha channel, sélection 6

    fill with pattern 

    Effects, plugins:

    Alien skin eye Candy 5,  Impact, Glass, Settings: Clear

     3D Effects, drop shadow: as memorized

    Adjust, sharpeness, sharpen more

    Remove the selection


    Layers, Duplicate

    Image, Mirror vertical

    Image - Mirror horizontal


    Sign your work and add the author's watermark


    Image, Add borders,  symmetric checked

    2 px White

    10 px color 1

    2 px White

    5 px color 1

    10 px White

    5 px color 1

    30 px White


    Enable magic wand, Mode Add, Select the two edges of 5 px color 1

    fill with pattern 

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen more 

    Edit, repeat, sharpen more 

    Remove the selection 


    Activate magic wand, Select  the border 30 px white

    Effets plugins:

    Unlimited , Bkg Kaleidoscope, Radial Replicate

    Adjust, Blur, Gaussien blur, radius at  50

    Effects plugins:

    Unlimited,  Graphic Plus, Cross Shadow , how to opening

    Unlimited ,  Funhouse , Loom, how to opening

    Edit, Repeat : Unlimited ( Funhouse, Loom)


    Selections,  Invert

     3D Effects, drop shadow, as memorized

    Remove the selection 

    Add borders 1 px black


    Resize width a  950 px all layers checked

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen

    Save as  jpeg


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