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    This tutorial is by Béa

    Thank you Béa, for allowing me to translate your tutorial 

    This tutorial is protected by copyright

    Le monde de Béa

    The material provided is protected by the authors of the tubes

    It is prohibited to appropriate or modify the original and / or signatures.

    Any dissemination without written authorization is prohibited.


    Version conforming to the original :


    My version: tube by lisa T, landscape by Cal


    Original Tutorial : On Here


    Alien skin eye Candy 5 Impact

    Unlimited , Funhouse, graphic plus


    Mura's Meister


     Material: On Here

    Important !

    Choose a landscape and a feminine tube, with purple colors

    Choose a color in your landscape and another in your female tube

    Choose color 3 after making the radial Blur



    Load the Alpha_purple


    close the original, Let's work on the copy


    On the landscape misted, remove the signature


    On your work, Selections, Select all

    Edit/paste into selection

    Selections, select none

    Effects, Image  effects, seamless tilling, setting: Default

    Layers, merge all

    Right-click on the layers palette, promote backgroung layer:


    Adjust, blur, radial blur :

    Effects, Edge effects, enhance more 


    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, sélection 1

    on the landscape misted, Copy

    On your work: past as a new layer

    Image, Resize at 105% all layers unchecked

    With the moove tool (M), put within the selection, (circle), the part of the landscape you want to keep


    Selections, Invert


    Selections, Invert

    Layers, New raster layer

    Selections, Modify, Select the selection borders:

    Effects , plugins:

    Mehdi , Wavy lab 1.1  put white and black colors in the last two colors

     Unlimited, Graphic Plus, Cross Shadow , how to open

    Effects, Textures effects, blinds, color 3

    Selections, select none 

    Layers, merge down 

    Effects 3D drop shadow 1 / 1 / 100 / 10 black


    On the layer Raster 1

    Selections , Load a selection from alpha channel, selection 2

    Promote selection to layer

    Layer, arrange, bring to top

    Keep selected


    load the misted woman 

    Remove the watermark

    Image, mirror, mirror Horizontal 

    Edit/ Copy

    On your work, paste as a new layer 

    Image, Resize at 50% and again at 75%, all layers unshecked

    (or according to your tube)

    Place it inside the circle


    Selections, Modify,  Select the selection borders, as before

    Add a new raster layer

    Effects plugins:

    Mehdi, Wavy lab 1.1 as before

    Unlimited ,Graphic Plus , Cross Shadow how to opening

    Effects,  textures, blinds color 3, new data:

    Layers, merge down, 2 times

    Remove the selection

    Effects 3D drop shadow as before


    Effects, image effects, offset:

    Effects , plugins, Mura's Meister ,Copies:

    Effects, plugins:  Alien skin eye Candy 5 Impact , Glass , Settings: Clear

    Edit, repeat, glass


    On the Raster 1

    Add a new  layer

    fill with color 1

    Load the mask, cas_Mask_0518_06

    Layers, New masque layer, from image:

     Merge group

    Layers, propreties, colocar : Blend mode, screen

    Effects, Edge effects, enhance more


    Effets , plugins:

    Unlimited ,Bkg Designer sf10 IV, @Entrelacement De Lignes, how to opening

    Effects 3D drop shadow as before


    on the layer Raster 1

    effects, plugins: Unlimited , Funhouse , Loom , how to opening

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen more 


    On the layer Raster 1

    Add a new raster layer

    fill in white 

    load the mask ildiko...

    Layers, new mask layer, from image: 


    Merge group

    Layers propreties:  Opacity at 50 , Blend mode, soft light 


    Remain on the second layer from the bottom

    Carregar o tube " deco_blanche"


    On your work: paste as a new layer

    Activar a pick tool (K) , place it:

    Position X : 33

    Position Y : 0

     M  Key to remove the pick tool selection


    on the top of layers

    load the tube " deco"

    Select all, float, defloat

    fikll with color 2 (or other)

    Effects , plugins:  Alien skin eye Candy 5 Impact , Glass , Settings: Clear


    On your work: paste as a new layer

    Pick tool (K), place it:

    Position X : 75

    Position Y : 14

    (M Key)

    Effects 3D drop shadow 1 / 1 / 50 / 1 black


    load the tube "deco_fleche"

    Edit/Copy, paste as a new layer

    Pick tool (K), place it:

    Position X : 133

    Position Y : 30

    (M Key )


    On the layer Raster 1

    load the tube "etoiles"

    Edit/copy, paste as a new layer


    On the top of layers 

    load the title" titre"

    Edit/copy, paste as a new layer

    Put it like on the final example


    Load the tube "deco_petits_rectangles"

    Edit/copy, paste as a new layer

    Pick tool (K), place it:

    Position X : 830

    Position Y : 100

    (M Key )

    Effects, plugins:  Unlimited, Bkg Designer sf10 I, Blur 'eml

    Blend, mode, screen


    Image,  Add bordres,  symmetric:

    1 px Black

    3 px color 1

    1 px Black

    3 px color 2

    1 px Black

    10 px white

    1 px Black

    3 px color 3

    1 px Black

    Selections , Select all

    Image, Add borders, symmetric:  20 px white

    Selections, Invert

    Effects, plugins:  Unlimited, Bkg Designer sf10 I, Cruncher how to opening

    Remove the selection


    Image, Add borders, symmetric: 1 px Black

     Select all

    Image, Add borders, symmetric: 5 px color 2

    Selections, Invert

    Effects , textures, blinds, as before

    Effects , textures, blinds, Horizontal unshecked

    Adjust, Sharpness, sharpen more

    Remove the selection


    Image, Add borders, symmetric: 10 px white

    Sign and join the author's watermark

    Image, Add borders: 1 px color 2

    Resize width a 950 px , all layers checked

    Adjust, sharpness, unsharp mask , setting: soft (10/30/80/)

    Save as  jpeg


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