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    Lady (GB)

    This tutorial is by Béa

    Thank you Béa, for allowing me to translate your tutorial 

    This tutorial is protected by copyright

    Le monde de Béa

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    Tutorial original : On Here


    My version: Tube by Ana Irma , Thank you !



    CPK Designs 

    Carolaine and Sensibility 

    Mura's Meister 



    Material: On Here

    You will need a woman tube


    Original color palette provided in the material

    My colors :


    Foreground Color 1

    Background Color 2


    Load the Alpha_Lady

    window, duplicate

    Close the original, we will work on the copy


    Load your woman tubeEdit/Copy

    On your work : Selections, Select all

    Edit/Copy into selection

    Selections, select none 

    Effects, Image effects,  seamless tilling, setting: side by side

    Layers, merge all (flatten)

    Adjut , blur, radial blur

    Adjust, shapness, sharpen more


    Layers, duplicate

    Effects, plugins: CPK Designs , Eyes:

    Layers propreties, Blend Mode Overlay, Opacity 50

    Layers, merge down 

    Adjust, sharpness, sharpen more


    Layers, Duplicate

    Layers, new raster mask from image

    "Masque effet de lignes odet2020"

    Layers,  Merge group

    Effects, edge effects, enhance more 

    (you will see the effects after making edge effects)

    Adjust, Sharpness, sharpen more


    On the background layer

    Selections, load a selection from alpha channel, load the sélection 1

    Selections, promote selection to layer

    layers, arrange, bring to top

    Adjust, Blur,  gaussien blur, radius a 35

    Effects 3D drop shadow 0 / 0 / 50 / 50 black

    Effects, plugins: Carolaine and Sensibility , CS-LDots

    Selections - Modify,  Select selection borders

    Fill in white (zoom if necessary)

    select none


    Add a new raster layer

    fill with color 2

    Layers, New raster mask from image


    Merge group

    Image, Resize a 75% , e depois a 85%, all layers unshecked

    Image, Free rotate,  right ,  a  90, other data cleared


    Load a selection from alpha channel,  sélection 2

    On the background layer

    Selections, promote selection to layer

    Layers,  Arrange, bring to top

    Adjust, Blur, gaussien , radius at 35

    Effects, textures , Weave (color 2)


    Copy the woman tube

    on your work:  paste as a new layer

    Resize if necessary, (all layers unchecked)

    place correctly, inside the circle

    Selections, Invert



    Selections, Modify, Select selection borders 

    fill with color 2

    Effects, Texture, Weave (color 1):

    Select None


    Merge down

    Sharpness, sharpen

    Merge down

    Objects , Align, left


    place with the a Pick tool (K) : position: X 0, Y 13


    On the background layer 

    Add a new raster layer

    fill with color 2

    Layers,  New mask layer from image


    Edge effects, enhance more

    Merge group

    Effects, Carolaine and Sensibility, cs-texture, how to opening


    On the background layer


    Effects, plugins, Unlimited : VM Distorsion,  Vision impossible :

    (Pay attention to configuration changes)

    Effects, Mura's Meister , Perspective tiling:

    Edge effects, enhance 

    Adjust,  sharpness, sharpen more

    Effects 3D drop shadow, as before


    Sobre a layer do fundo

    Effects, plugins:  Unlimited,  Funhouse, Loom, how to opening

    Edit, repeat, Unlimited


    On the top  layers

    Load the  "Deco1"


    On your work: paste as a new layer

    place with Pick tool (K) : position: X 734, Y 0


    Add a new raster layer

    Load a selection from alpha channel, sélection 3

    fill with color 2

    Select none


    Resize a  15% all layers unchecked

    place with the pick tool (K): position: X 752, Y 20


    Adjust,  Sharpness, sharpen more


    Effects plugins:  Mura's Meister, Copies:

    Load a  selection from alpha channel, sélection 4


    Select none

    Objects, Align,  vertical Centrer


    Sharpness, sharpen more 

    Merge down


    Edit/ Copy special, copy merged

    Edit/ paste as a new layer

    Resize a 25% all layers desmarcado

    Move down


    Sharpness, sharpen more

    Place with the Pick tool (K) ,  position: X 660, Y 255 

    Image , Flip , Flip horizontal


    Effects 3D drop shadow, as before

    print of current layers:


    Image , Add borders,  symmetric:

    1 px color 2

    2 px color 1

    1 px color 2

    10 px White

    1 px color 2

    20 px White

    2 px color 2

    5 px color 1

    2 px color 2

    35 px White


    Copy/paste as a new layer, once again, your woman tube

    Resize if necessary (all layers unchecked)

    Image, Mirror horizontal

    Scroll right a little

    (see the author's final example on here)

    Effects 3D drop shadow , as before


    Load the title "titre", copy

    Edit/copy/about your work, paste as a new layer

    can adapt the color with the Changer color tool


    Add the  author watermark 


    Image, Add borders:  1 px color 2

    Resize width at  950 px , all layers unshecked

    Adjust, sharpness, unsharp mask:  setting: soft

    Save as   jpeg


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